The Art of Knowing Thyself

Know what’s soooo incredibly wonderful about getting older?
You know – or realize – your strengths and weaknesses – and you’re completely okay with them. We’re all wired differently. We all have unique, God-given qualities which, I believe, complement one another. Case and point: I work for an online education program (K12), occasionally, during testing season as a test proctor. Everrrrrything is done online. Everything. Well, short of me driving to the testing center and watching over rooms of sleepy and stressed teens while they take end-of-the-year achievement tests. (so much yuck – how does a crunchy homeschool mom get herself into these things, anyway?) But, I really, really, really dislike online forms. Even moreso if I have to complete those forms on my phone. Yes, seriously. I’m THAT age group, believe it or not. When I see an email about registrations, and all things online formish, I don’t even read it, I have to have a several days of silence to prepare myself for the stress.

But alas, I have completed the “onboarding” process. Onboarding – because “new-hire”, or “new employee” is such an 80’s phrase. 😀 We are a new and improved culture – we “ONBOARD” these days…..(giggle) Well, I’m finally on board. Because, this ol’ lady finally finished her bajillion-email, ONline, ONboarding process. Well, after the scanner and I had a few scuffles.

I am not much of a detail-oriented person. And, I’m finally okay with this.

All the while, my Mother is – dusting! D.U.S.T.I.N.G.! Another intricate, detailed task I literally hate. But Mom? Oh no…give her some socks to mend (by hand), or a 600 buttons to sew on (by hand), or 30 afghans to crochet, or a shirt (or 15) to iron, or a microwave to clean, or a gadget to take apart and then put.back.togetherrrrr…… – mercy.
The woman is a genuine saint in my eyes.

We’re all good. She dusts picture frames for fun….
And Me? Well, I’m going outside to breathe and shoot something – B.I.G.!!


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