“The thing that is precious in the sight of God is faith that has been tried. Tried faith is spendable; it is so much wealth stored up in heaven, and the more we go through the trial of our faith, the wealthier we become in the heavenly regions.” —  The Place of Help from the Quotable Oswald Chambers.

Eventually, one of the main thoughts that come crashing to mind when I face trials is the fact that God really never promised life would be a bowl full of cherries. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to hear this. He did say, however, “I came that you might have LIFE and have it more abundantly.” [John 10:10] But, oh what a twisted perception we have of this word. In our first-world life, abundantly means large quantities of stuff. Plenty.  Plenty of stuff. We are choking on our stuff.

I wonder how abundantly we would live if we truly had large quantities of God’s word flowing through our weak hearts on a frequent and consistent basis. If we had plenty of – Jesus.

I think our stuff would pale in comparison.
Abundant would take on a whole new meaning.
We would experience true wealth no man could fathom.



6 comments on “Wealth

  1. Kim Strout says:

    Angela, This is SO true!!! Thank you. I once heard a woman talk about how she was grateful to get breast cancer because she was wandering in her faith but the breast cancer brought her closer to God. She didn’t think God gave her cancer but He allowed it because it would do the thing he desired most…it would bring her to right relationship with Him. Her pain grieved Him but the most important thing was the relationship. When we went to the Pentecostal church they would tell us all the time “God wants you to be happy”. That’s a lie. God wants us to be in full communion with Him. Thanks for that reminder!

    Love you, friend!


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  2. debbie says:

    To your short, very accurate thoughts I simply add a hearty, “AMEN!”

  3. You Inspire me to have the heart and mind of God……..Thank you!!!!

  4. Angela Greenwell says:

    I love to read your words , you put things in perspective. You are truly amazing and have such talent. Don’t let it go to waste, write a book, it may take time but oh it will be worth the time and patience.

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