Whenever we leave the farm, we traverse along a pigtrail that seldom gets much attention. It’s bumpy, washed out in places, and ….so, so annoying. I am not in a pleasant mood when I have to drive up & down the driveway several times in one day. When I’m the passenger, I get all bent out of shape. I huffff & pufff because my body doesn’t move as easily to the bouncing, anymore. If you’re the driver, it’s a bit more comfortable because you’re hanging on to the steering wheel for dear life balance, but everyone else is jostled around, hanging on to their hats. Notebooks are slung to the floorboard, and my cup….my covered water cup bounces around in the cup holder. We all breathe a sigh of silent relief when it’s over.

Yesterday was nothing new. We left for co-op on time and made our way to the smooth county road where we could, at the very least, speed up to 60 40mph. Just as we let out our big “that’s over” sigh…Dad’s text reminded us that we forgot something.

As we climbed our way back up the hill, Douglas, with stern, determined gesture, finally grabbed my water cup and put it in a safer place. After all, he’d already had to keep it safe going down the hill, going back up was about to take him over the edge. {giggle}

In a brilliant, teachable, spiritual-training Mom-Moment I said:

“You know….when I was a young wife, I never expected this ol’ driveway would be this way after 14 years.”. . .
“I thought a lot of things would be different, in fact.”
“But, as the years have passed, the LORD has taught me that I’ve gotta be grateful for what He chooses to provide, ….and those He chooses not to.”

Good, huh? Because I’m spiritually seasoned like that.
A mature Mom who’s got it goin’ on.



Finally, my strong, wise-beyond-his-years, Son says:

“Well there’s a big difference between saying something with our mouths and owning it in our hearts, Mom.”


Go. And be grateful, today. Don’t let your teenager show you up. Be strong!


3 thoughts on “When a Teenager Shows You Up

  1. I was right there with you as I read this, Angela. (I see your name in Jennifer’s comment. :)) You really have a writing flair. I love your blog–so glad we connected. Your categories are things (emotions) I care about. 🙂 And the black and white is exquisite.

    Again, so nice to meet you!
    Julie from Georgia.

    1. A pleasure to meet you, too, Julie. Thank you for your encouraging words. They have humbled me this morning as I have browsed your blog for a few days. My dear friend, Jennifer Flanders (comment here) is also a published author. Her confidence and fortitude inspires me. I’ve always wanted to write a book and have about five titles swirrling around in my head. I’ve committed (yet again) to blog more in 2014. It’s already blessed me in so many ways.

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