Honestly (A Post from the Past)

lessons in mercy

As I stand before the Lord broken and humiliated, I’m truly in awe that He is so patient with me.
Very gently, He has nudged the hidden crevices of my heart that needed a bit of an overhaul. It’s certainly been a painful process, but very much needed.
You see, I’ve been distracted. It’s nobody’s fault but my own, but nevertheless I’ve gotten my priorities out of line. Over several months, I’ve slowly become watered down
off track
and in dire need of accountability.
My quiet time with the Lord has dwendled and, instead of beginning the day in the Word, I’ve turned to the computer in hopes to get a bit of daily Food from sources that, in all honesty, are second to God’s Best. Ever so subtly, over a period of time, email, blogging and online friends have replaced my act of daily worship with, and for, my…

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One comment on “Honestly (A Post from the Past)

  1. Carmen Christensen says:

    I am so touched by your words as I find myself in the exact same position today. The WORD first, but I hit the computer first. My strength truly is in HIM, no my actions need to reflect that. Thank you!

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