Let us send our daughters to die in battle for the sake of gender neutrality!

I’m really lovin’ this guy. Wish I was smart enough to get all that Truth down in one blog post. Think men & women are created equal? Just send Hubby to the fast-food drive-thru and have him order (correctly) for at least three kids. 😉
Embrace God’s beautiful design and purpose. ~ the Farmer’s Wife

The Matt Walsh Blog

There are three different types of ideas: good ideas, bad ideas, and ideas so horrifically stupid that they will be mocked and scorned by our descendants for centuries to come.

Modern left-wingers typically trade in the second sort of idea, while occasionally conjuring up something that unquestionably falls into the third category.

Speaking of which, there’s this.

After discovering that half of the female Marines can’t meet the minimum physical fitness requirements, usually failing to do three pull-ups, the Corps has decided to delay the standards. This is all part of the process of “equalizing” physical requirements so as to integrate women into combat roles.

Here we have a horrible idea, stacked on top of a bewilderingly idiotic idea, poured over a collection of reckless, ideologically-fueled, irrational, liberal feminist ideas. Basically, an insane idea had sexual relations with a moronic idea and the two gave birth to this idea.

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