Well, here we are.

A fresh page
A new chapter,
Or book.
A blank slate.
A new year.

If I hang out on Facebook for any length of time, at all, I find myself in dazed bewilderment as social media offers a plethora of 2014 resolution options. . .

* I could commit to share what’s on my mind in 2014.  Typically, this proves to be dangerous, though.
* I could stop living in my past, author my destiny, and embrace my future.
* How ’bout fresh, homemade soap, chapstick, & deodorant for 2014?
* Of course, I should call my Representatives and lobby for the Unborn. 
* I bet the kids would like it if I followed 10-20-..or 30 Easy Steps to being a better Mom.
* And just what if the house was completely-ultra organized in 2014?
* And finding the 26th hour to nurture my marriage (with a smile, of course)
* The whole entire world would be better if I could be a blessing, right?
* Be thankful in all things for 2014 . . that’s ALL things, folks. And a year is a looong time.
* Be a good friend..and watch out for all those fake friends. 🙂
* And, I should definitely “click & SHARE if I love Jesus”. .
* What if I found myself in 2014?!?!
* What if I were stronger in 2014?
* I could lose weight in 2014.
* Maybe we’ll start eating healthier.
* We could avoid wheat for a year, I suppose. Or dairy. Or soy. Or sugar. Or white flour. Or. . .
* Hubby might appreciate the “be more sexy” vibe. . .
* How could I be bold in 2014?
* I could be original. – Ha! ;p
* Oh, I could make my dreams come true in 2014!
* And by all means – I’ve gotta be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

Dare I even pop over to Pinterest where even the small thumbnails of beautiful front doors make me swoon and green with envy, simultaneously?

nah. . .{in my best Phil Roberton voice}

I just can’t.

I’ll never have a beautiful front door.

They usually come with beautiful…..houses, don’t they?



No, as enticing as being more sexy sounds, I think I’ll stick to something more me.

I’ll recommit, yet again, to take the time it takes. . .

* to wake early & bless the Farmer whose heart shines brightly when I make his breakfast and lunch. And when his coffee is just right in his t0-go mug.

* which also means I’ll take the time it takes to go to bed early.

* to spend quiet, peaceful moments reading God’s word and sitting quietly before Him – listening.

* I want to take the time it takes to really listen to my children with my whole heart, unrushed.

* it takes time to plan, prepare, serve, enjoy, and clean up homemade meals for my family.

* 5th grade reading practice (aloud) …takes time.

* multiplication facts take time …and a great amount of patience. Oh sure, you can go about it impatiently, but what have you gained? A bitter child.

* praying two teenagers through Algebra II takes time.

* it takes time to sleep more

* it takes time to kiss more

* it takes time to exercise

* to enjoy long, peaceful walks with the Farmer.

* it takes time to watch cows, and the sun set, and the stars.

* I’ll take the time it takes to listen to dreams and hopes; and fears. I’ll wipe tears.

* I’ll take the time it takes to cry, process, grow, and heal.

Yeah, 2014 will be full. But there’s really nothing else I’d rather do with my time.

What will you do with your….time?


9 comments on “

  1. Debbie says:

    Thanks! Please write more. I need to hear your heart thinking aloud in black and white! I will take the time to read your thoughts, heart beats and hopes! It will help me live life better!

  2. Nettie says:

    Beautifully said…I Want to take more time!

  3. Thank you lovely friends. I appreciate your encouragement more than you know!

  4. Love, love, love your resolutions, Angela. They’re the best!

  5. Love this…you post is beautiful! I will join you and take my time too! You put into words the actions I have taken since the New Year. The changes haven’t come from a resolution but an effort to find more peace. I have felt so rested I surprised my husband with a hot breakfast. 🙂

    • Hi Michelle! And welcome! I just FOLLOWED you, this morning. In reality, when the rubber meets the road, there’s just a few things that really matter. And, through the years, the LORD has (been extremely patient!) gently nudged me to take the REAL time it takes in the things that matter most. It is peace. Happy 2014!

  6. Rebecca says:

    I love this! It’s not focused on you but on those around you! Happy blessed new year to you and yours!

  7. […] to go back in time, I’d sure vote to slow it down. But, here we are again. I recently found this old post, as I was scrolling, and it’s exactly what I would write, today. Take the time it takes.  We […]

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