More on Frugality

I’m still thinking on all things frugal this morning. I loaded the washer early and thought about all the transformations that have taken place in my heart just in this one area. A long time ago, someone said fabric softener really wasn’t needed and mostly a marketing ploy. I had my doubts so I tested it. Sure enough, it worked. Our clothes didn’t cling together and they smelled good enough using detergent alone. I stopped using it and have never looked back. Incidentally, the smell of fabric softener is so strong to me these days, it could easily replace perfume, in my opinion. So think about that next time you’re headed out to a dinner party. Do you smell like Chanel or Downy?

Then I was encouraged to hang my clothes out on the line. Honestly, I hated the idea. Sure the idealistic, dreamy thought of clothes wisping in the wind and that fresh-air smell of cozy sheets sounded appealing but none of that could persuade me to fall into what I considered an unsightly trailer park world. I soon realized this was a pride issue for me. If I wanted to continue to be home with my children, sticking with our conviction to homeschool, I’d have to make sacrifices even if it hurt my pride. We still live in that trailer park world, by the way. And, in SEVEN short years [if not before] these 24 acres where upon I reside will belong to U-S! Times have changed my friends. With age does come a bit of wisdom. Not much, but some.

It’s cold outside now. And we do live in Humidville most of the year. So I’ve come to the conclusion that our jeans and other heavy things will have to dry inside unless we get a stellar day. Jeans are hung over the doors, upside down. Shirts are hung on a hanger and dried on the shower curtain rod and/or any other place I can find. I can’t wait to get our wood stove installed because the dry time will decrease if I hang things in the living room. Now, hear me when I say this….I know most folks don’t want to deal with this and it does seem hard. But it’s frugal and as Amy pointed out it takes more than one pearl to make a pearl necklace.

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