Remembering Colorado

Most of you who read this blog know we were in Colorado this time last year. The cool weather and a recent chat with my good friend in Nebraska has made my heart long for the Midwest. I can even smell and feel the crispness in the air. The mountains were breathtaking and caused my heart to skip a beat each time I gazed my eyes upon that majestic range to the west. The Aspens were turning, the Elk where bugling, and soon enough we experienced Colorado snow. We climbed Pike’s Peak, drove up Trail Ridge Road; up the windy one-laner and down the paved cliff hanger. We hiked up to St. Mary’s glacier and spent an anniversary night in Estes Park. It’s a memory I’ll never forget. I hope and pray our children were old enough to store away a memory or two as well. It was an adventure we never thought this family would ever experience. God is good – in all things – always.

Most people ask if I miss traveling. I have to say I do.

(photo: the trek to Colorado)

I’ll be sharing more memories here until this nostalgic moment passes…


One comment on “Remembering Colorado

  1. Leah says:

    Wow. That picture is beautiful. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

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