Morning Thoughts

I don’t usually go out every morning to help with the animals. All three children have designated duties and they do them quite well without me. But this morning I discovered how much I am missing.

First, my children amaze me. Our farm is not set up for easy living, at this point. We don’t have water available in convenient areas, right now. But, they’ve invented ways of getting water to every pen and they’ve got a system. I didn’t stand in the way. Then, I realized I was missing the warm sun coming up over the pasture. Historically, I’ve always been a sunset kind of gal, but the newness of the day and the farm “waking up” moved me this morning. I scurried back to the house to grab my camera. Why I ever walk out the door without that thing is beyond me.  And finally, the sounds of the animals as they waited. Each one knowing it’s time. They expect my children. They depend on them. And when all is said and done, there is a hush …..
It was a spiritual moment as I pondered my own hunger and thirst; not for the physical, but for my daily bread from the Lord. I depend on it.
And when I am full, there is peace.
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