Do You Know Granny Miller?

Oh wow ~ I just stumbled upon Granny’s blog. Have any of you been over there? She’s a plethora of homesteading information. Since we bought 25 Cornish Rocks a few weeks ago, I’ve been paying closer attention to my homesteading bloggy friends and who they’re linking. A girl can learn a fair bit reading the experiences of those who’ve gone before her. I appreciate them so much, especially the ones with pictures.

Granny and I have something in common. After all the clicking and reading, and reading and clicking, she made the most profound statement. I hope I never forget it…

“I often find myself online instead of living.”

I am thankful for all this information at my fingertips. Truly I am. But, it’s distracting. Oftentimes we clutter our minds with the “noise” that we hardly ever have time to enjoy living. I will pray for Granny tonight. I know of which she speaks. I hope she takes all the time she needs.


4 comments on “Do You Know Granny Miller?

  1. SimpleFolk says:

    I love Granny Miller. I found her through YouTube when I was looking for “do it yourself” homestead videos. (I want to get into cheesemaking.) Anyway, she does offer much food for thought and I enjoy visiting. (I LOVE her kitchen, have you seen it?)I agree with her statement and have been feeling that way myself. There is definitely a balance…Amy

  2. kymk99 says:

    I will have to peek at her blog and then get off of the computer and get some reading done! Yvonne :o)

  3. mary grace says:

    That quote is so convicting. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Michelle says:

    love that quote, so true and so convicting! I’ve not heard of her blog but will add it to my list of ones to look at. hugs

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