As I stand before the Lord broken and humiliated, I’m truly in awe that He is so patient with me.
Very gently, He has nudged the hidden crevices of my heart that needed a bit of an overhaul. It’s certainly been a painful process, but very much needed.
You see, I’ve been distracted. It’s nobody’s fault but my own, but nevertheless I’ve gotten my priorities out of line. Over several months, I’ve slowly become watered down
off track
and in dire need of accountability.
My quiet time with the Lord has dwendled and, instead of beginning the day in the Word, I’ve turned to the computer in hopes to get a bit of daily Food from sources that, in all honesty, are second to God’s Best. Ever so subtly, over a period of time, email, blogging and online friends have replaced my act of daily worship with, and for, my First Love.
And it’s had a rippling effect.
My children have noticed.
O Friends, when your little ones comment to others about your computer time, and their little faces are all shriveled with discontent, it’s time to take notice. When they stand at the doorway – workbook and pencil in hand – waiting, you might have things out of order. When your oldest daughter is making breakfast because you “just have to check your email/blog”, what kind of message are you sending? When your little ones ask, “Can you read to me….~sigh~ ..or do you wanna do your email?”, O friends, there’s a problem.
When’s the last time you sat on the couch and read to them? When’s the last time you made a picnic lunch? (I know it’s winter..) When’s the last time you greeted them with hugs and kisses in the morning – your heart fully devoted to them? When’s the last time you gathered pine cones, rocks, sticks, or gone for afternoon walks to explore flowers or trees? Martha was very busy doing good things. Very good things. Likewise, we can be very busy doing good things – even godly, encouraging things.
But, they may not be the best things.
Mary chose the Better Part.
I choose my children.

7 comments on “Honestly

  1. Charl Rae Cobb says:

    Thanks ! Was prodded to thinking/accountability of this same thought during church today. Encouraged to read this and know I am not alone in trying to improve my Mary/Martha choices. (We sometimes have picnics in the living room when the weather is not cooperative outside, but not often enough.)

  2. Nettie says:

    Thanks for your transparency. I understand the dwindling time with The Lord. I’ve chalked it up to my parathyroid…hmmmm.

  3. Kim Strout says:

    You must have been looking over my shoulder recently. It seems that God talked to both of us about the same thing at the same time. Thank you for your honesty and for letting me know that I am not alone. Looking forward to the Bible Study!!!

  4. Caryl McAdoo says:

    I’m serious Angela. They’re already beautifully written. Let me help you get them published!
    These thoughts are for the Kingdom 🙂

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