Wordless Wednesday

…Or NOT so wordless, whatever the case may be…I’m trying to catch up to where we are today but there’s SO many pictures it’s hard to pick just a few! They’re ALL so incredible and I find myself wanting to describe/explain each and every one. Either I talk/chat TOO much and bore folks with minor details only I think are interesting OR I opt to dish it out with very little commentary. I’m just an all-or-nothing kinda gal, I guess. My current reading material, The Birth Order Book, by Kevin Leman, sure isn’t helping matters. I’m a firstborn through and through….~sigh~…well on to better things…..

The slideshow begins with the Montana state sign. The few pics following are various views along I90 from the state line to Billings. The further we traveled, the snow became more visible and the terrain was very much like the “West”…caprocks and rolling hills mixed with mostly plains. I had high hopes that the Rockies would be visible from Billings (like they are in Denver), but they aren’t. It doesn’t take long to get into some mountaneous areas though which is just what we did this past Sunday. Those pictures are coming!

Blessings to you from blustery Montana ~


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