Facts About Pencils

I was so thankful when I saw the blogging tip of the month on the HSB Front Porch. I’ve been having the olders write each day in a journal, and though there are times when they could write their little fingers to the bone, other times they struggle to come up with something to fill a page. So today has been interesting. When I first mentioned the assignment, all I got was a blank stare as if asking, “What is there to write about a pencil?” But, eventually they got something on paper.


A Pencil

By Sarah, age 11

A pencil is made in a factory. It is made of wood and lead. And sometimes they are made of metal or plastic. A pencil is used for writing. You can write letters, do school, pay bills, and little ones can write on the wall. (which we would prefer them not to do)You can also erase something that is not right. Pencils are very useful.


A Pencil

By Douglas age, 10

Today, mom told me to write a story about a pencil. A pencil is what I do most of my work with like math, vocabulary, handwriting, grammar, journaling, and spelling. A pencil is what we all write with. A pencil is usually straight and pointed and made of wood.


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