I know…long time again.

We arrived here in Denver the last week of August. We’ve truly enjoyed this leg of the journey. The cool air and mountain view is a refreshing change from our hot, muggy jaunt in Meridian, Mississippi over the summer. However, both have been equally rewarding in learning more about our Lord Jesus and the mercies He gives each new day. How could I ask for more?

I’m considering another change to this space ~ trying to move toward more of a specific focus. Recently, as Christa and I were chatting, I questioned the exact purpose of this blog and she reminded me that our traveling is interesting. And so…as I clicked through a number of websets, it came to me. ~ A garden theme with words I so love….”Bloom Where You’re Planted”….So, I’m working on it, with a little help from my friends.


Today, Phillip & I celebrate our marriage. We’ve been married for 16 years. Our love has only grown deeper and we’re more fond of each other than, I believe, we were the day we married. We’ve been given a special gift. A close friend, who lives in the Denver area, has offered to keep our children tomorrow night. Not only that, she reserved a night’s stay in Estes Park for us as she knew we were planning go up if we could swing it. I’m overwhelmed at the blessed gifts the Lord is showering upon me at this point in time. Again, how could I ask for more?

Blessings to you from a Texan in Denver



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