There’s No Place Like Home

After being in Louisiana for the last five weeks, we’re finally home! Phillip will have to go back for another week, but the children and I will stay home to prepare for our trip to Illinois.

There’s always something sweet about coming home. As we drove up, we discovered that our friends who sharecrop with us (actually, they do all the work..) were here working in the garden. My heart leaped for joy to see them and the huge place they’ve prepared for what promises to be a bountiful harvest. Later this afternoon, I plan to get out there and pull weeds just so I can feel like I’m a part of it. Gardens are beautiful to me and even more gratifying is the fact that someone is truly enjoying planting out here. …….Then, as we drove up to the house I took in the all the things we love; our little dirt path that leads to our house (it’s what sold me on this place from the very beginning), our chicken tractor Phillip and the kids worked so diligently on a couple of summers ago, the tire swing hanging from a gigantic Oak tree, the Pine trees, our humble home, the dogs and two fat cats, and one very happy Gran hugging her equally happy grandchildren. (the children had already ran to the house when we stopped at the garden to visit our friends) For those of you who don’t know me personally, my Mom lives with us.

There’s so much to say and so little time right now. Phillip has to leave after church tomorrow so I’m going to enjoy this ‘home’ day with him and leave blogging in perspective.

Blessing from Texas~ Angela


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